Monday, 16 April 2012

A day of unruley animals

I think there must have been something in the air today at work, a gas leak or some other strange phenomena.....because every animal that walked through that front door had a bone to pick with one of us!

If any of you out there are thinking of becoming a veterinary nurse please think of your beautiful hands before you make this commitment because I can tell you my days of hand wear modelling are well and truly over ;p! Today I was attacked by three animals, going for a daily record there!

The first mishap was a very timid cat called Fluff, who I soon found out disliked being handled in general! After managing to get a weight on the cat I attempted to place back in its cage only for one of its claws to become embedded in my little finger. It was fine, I mean he didn't really mean it did he??

Animal number two was a post op check brought after its dew claw op on Friday, just a bandage change how much harm could this cause! Luckily the other nurse had just started her shift phew, after Friday we had already learnt that this dog needed a muzzle. So we placed one on it....really easily and away we went! Or this is how it should have gone, we battled to put on the muzzle and then the poor nurse couldn't restrain the dog without loosing the use of her legs for the rest of her life! In the process I thought ouch that hurt but gallantly carried on until I saw the blood pouring down my hand! The dog then broke the muzzle and proceeded to poo everywhere! Luckily after that the nurse had managed to pin the Staffie so we continued....removed the bandage and unfortunately found the wound to have quite a bit of discharge. The vet came in to have a look and then we brought the dog out to its owner. The following conversation then happened, 'So as we've taken off the bandage you will now need to keep her buster collar on.'

'But I'm going away tomorrow and my neighbour will be looking after the dog, she's gets awfully distressed with the collar on can't you re bandage it.'

I am thinking god no I won't have any hands left if we try that! Luckily for once the vet backed us up and advised the client it would be better to 'let the air get to it.' So another happy client ;)

And now for the evilest cat known to man aptly named Buddy! On booking this admit appointment the receptionist had warned the whole team that this cat should not be approached without sedation, bare in mind this cat only needed some bloods taken! But the heroic vet being a vet decided to ignore this advice and attempted the procedure in front on the client.......he got as far as attempting to remove the carriers lid before being savagely attacked by the cat! Needless to say Buddy was then admitted as planned for Sedate to take bloods! However as is common in Vets practices the vet didn't this cat is fine with its owner so why don't I ask her to place it nicely into a crush cage for us....! No he merely brought it 'out back' in its own carrier!

So let the battle commence! I am gauntleted up ( big thick elbow length gloves that although protect you allow for little movement of the limbs inside!) Backup nurse armed with a mere towel & the vet again with a towel! The vet attempts to tip one carrier (with cat in) into the other......this does not go well! With much hissing, spitting and general mean cattiness! On the forth attempt the cat finally flys out of the upturned carrier into the crush cage and I am left (being the only one with any real protection) to squash it and try to get the lid closed! Which I manage.....just, however in the fight the cat gets hold of the glove bites all the way through it and attempts to pull it off my hand! A tug of war follows in which I end up victorious! We finally slam the lid closed and all let out the breath we've been holding and collapse in a heap! And its only 11am.......!

So when you next take your animal to the vets and say careful he sometimes bites......think about what we have to actually deal with behind closed doors, its not all hand feeding and cuddling puppies!

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