Saturday, 14 April 2012

My First Blog Post

So my partner told me to write a blog on the goings on of a veterinary nurse, so here we go lets give it a whirl!

Yesterday being Friday the 13th is always a fun day in a vet practice! Would you believe me if I told you some clients actually ring up on this day to cancel their appointments as they hadn't realised it was the 13th!! Anyways any Friday in practice tends to go belly up!

So yesterday we had in a dog for dew claw removal, a dog for numerous blood tests and a cat in for a dental.

During morning consults I was out on Reception helping the extremely stressed receptionist (as is usual in practice the vet had come out of his room a lot of times and bombarded her with crap!) when an owner came in to collect some cat food. There was the usual comment about how expensive the food is....I will never get bored of hearing this really I won't! And so follows the conversation:

Owner 'Is that really the price? Geez this cat eats better than I do!'
Receptionist 'Well you could always eat it as well,'
Owner 'I could but I know a guy that died from eating cat food!..... After eating he broke his back trying to lick his arse!!'

There really isn't a day that goes by without something or someone making you laugh so hard that you cry! No the joke was not that funny but the guys laugh alone set me and the receptionist off in a fit of hysterics. As the owner was closing the door on his way out we erupted again followed by the vet in his room having a chuckle to himself. And then the other nurse upstairs shouting down 'what did I miss? Was that Mr ......?' Needless to say it was just the cure the receptionist and we all needed!

Earlier in the week I had several amusing telephone conversations with clients:

The first wanted to know where he stood in regards to a relationship breakup. Sometimes our job kind of leans towards that of an agony aunt. Basically the gist of it was that his now ex wanted 50% access to the pet GSD and he wanted advice as to what this would mean for the dog. Now this is very tricky because part of me wanted to say are you seriously ringing me about this and another part felt kind of sorry for the man. So putting my professional head back on and I advised that dogs weather to change very well and whatever agreement they both came to as long as the dog was cared for correctly this was all that mattered. However obviously changing houses every Friday night to go with the other parent could be quite stressful.

My second very amusing convo was a sweet dear old lady! Now we do tend to get a lot of these. And how can I help,
'My cat is eating wasps!'
 Ok then this sounds fun! 'Has it eaten a wasp?'
 'Yes several,'
 'And how does it seem?'
 'Oh just fine'

OK so I'm now leaning towards not an emergency just a general irritation on the owners part that she has a cat that likes wasps a little bit too much! I go on to ask her is it in the house that this is happening, stupidly thinking well if you have a nest you may want to call a fumigator......
'No no dear its when she's out in the garden.'
'So its just wasps that are coming in and out of your garden to visit the flowers? And you don't have a nest that your aware of?'

Well there really isn't a lot of advice I can give, its not great for your cat but upon looking at your notes I see that she is a kitten so is still at the chasing stage!

'So there's nothing that you can give me to stop this happening?'
No! I went on to advise her that other than keeping her cat indoors there's really nothing she can do to stop this and it will probably take one stinging her for her to learn. The client then goes on to say:
'Well I shall continue to keep pulling them out of her mouth.'

Did she really just say that...? Yes she did, so I went on to warning her of the risks of doing this and to be very careful as I imagine by this point the wasps will be very angry! She tells me to not to worry dear and will get in touch if one stings the cat!

So you see, nothing ever ceases to amaze me, everyday something or someone will call up or visit a vets practice and you are left thinking seriously!

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