Saturday, 14 April 2012

My menagerie

So as with most people in the vet world I have had and have a few animals most have been decrepit or handicapped!

  • I have taken on a kitten that a breeder wanted to put to sleep because it was the runt but the vet refused so I took her! I called her Wilma, I nursed her for hours and hours. But unfortunately she wasn't a goer.
  • I have boldly ;) taken on a hedgehog that I was sure I could fatten up ready for the winter! I prepared an old rabbit hutch, lined it with lots of lovely bedding and provided a really nice gourmet meal! I went out the next morning to check on it and it had done a runner never to be seen again!
  • I have had my fair share of chickens, rabbits & various wildlife!
Currently I have my two kitties!

  • Kitty number 1 is nearly 3 and I rescued him from a vets practice that I worked at as he was found in an abandoned council house by the people clearing it! Him and his two other siblings were found in a cardboard box abandoned in the loft! He's now healthy well apart from being very stressy, he doesn't like men or hoovers I have since found out!
  • Kitty number 2. She was rescued from the same practice. She fell out....? Of a flat window when she was only 7 weeks old! The owners took her into the practice but had no money don't ask me why but the vet decided to put whats called a Robert Jones bandage on her leg (without x-raying it?) to immobilise the leg. They told the owners to come back in a few days to have the bandage changed however they didn't come back for over a week!!! By which time the leg had gone, well off! As I helped to remove the bandage the cat started to gnaw at her own leg because she couldn't work out why it wasn't working and it was hindering her (it was v sad!). We gave the owners three options: Sign her over for treatment, put her to sleep, or pay for treatment. The owners luckily opted for the first! So she got signed over and a charity kindly paid for the op! On further examination the leg couldn't be salvaged so we opted for amputation, I clipped up her doomed leg and carried out her anaesthetic! On recovery she was a tad wobbly but until you see it first hand I can't tell you just how amazingly quickly they recover and literally within hours she was getting used to life with 3 legs! With plenty of pain relief and TLC she was up and recovered in days! After that I felt a really close bond with her and couldn't resist a naughty little tortie so decided to take her on! She is now 2 and a bit and tears around like any able bodied cat, she will always live indoors as due to it being a back leg missing she has lost the ability to jump to great heights although loves to scrabble up my sofa!! She's very vocal, very cheeky and currently has an obsession with bins and bags....don't ask!
Not long after her op!

So there you go it's true, it's a hazard of the job to take on some oddities!

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