Monday, 22 October 2012

A day from Hell.....

These happen quite often in practice sorry if this bursts any ones bubble when it comes to the world of animals but it happens as in any job.
So I was on kennels today, this generally requires me to medicate the inpatients, clean them out (often) when they toilet, check intra-venous fluids, oh and the laundry. In between all of these little jobs I also answer the phone and get grabbed often by the vet to help with...everything else!
My first medication of the day required me to give a little sweet cairn terrier two injections (subcutaneous) under the skin. I spotted the muzzle on the kennel and thought really.....I'll ask anyway. I was told I wouldn't need it for a few minor injections. OK I think here we go......and nope the look that dog gave me could kill. Cue me putting the muzzle on the 'sweet' dog and calling or assistance. Why oh why at this point did I suggest I will hold? If you or ever will work in any animal related profession this really is one of those toss the coin moments that could turn out bad either way. Anyway I chose (yes chose) to hold, awww such a cute little dog! After 5 mins if that I was covered in diarrhoea and my right arm was shredded. Terriers have a unique knack of getting their front paws up during any restraint method and then they proceed to dig at your skin.
My next escapade was after being grabbed by the vet to assist holding a cute Bichon Frise whilst the vet plucked his ears. Quite a cutie really...until he also scrambled at my arm when the vet and me realised he wasn't quite sedated enough.
My biggest bug bare in the veterinary world is people who own animals that can't afford their treatment. It's heartbreaking when an animal is bought in and though no fault of it's own it's life hangs in the balance because the owners cannot afford it's treatment. This happened today in fact and to be honest happens most days. The cute cat in question had given birth to two healthy kittens that morning but hadn't passed the other two. I told the owners to come straight down, however even at this point I was warned that money could be an issue. It transpired when they came down that the owners didn't have a penny to their name so now not only were they faced with a tough decision and their cat on their conscience but so were we. Without going into the nitty gritty of a case the options weren't good and the likelihood is the kittens won't make it. Cases and clients like this really frustrate me and make our job a very hard one morally and emotionally.
You see working with animals really isn't all cute and snugly. 9 times out of 10 were doing something to them that they don't want us to do and unlike humans you can't tell them its for their benefit. You'd be mistaken at this point in thinking I hate my job, I in fact love my job! I even recently took a career break to try something new with humans and I can honestly say I don't like humans ;)! I missed the animals too much, because it is a very rewarding career and you really can make a difference. However I do ask all you people out there that don't work with animals to not look at our career choice and think all we do all day is sit stroking animals because as my blogs's far from it.

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