Thursday, 25 October 2012

Home visits can jazz up any day!

I love a good home visit in the middle of the day to jazz things up! It's lovely to get out of the surgery for a bit into the fresh air, I always think the large animal vets have way more fun!

So as a veterinary nurse its normally down to you to get the visit box up to scratch. In the small animal world you'll find this box hiding in some cupboard tucked away gathering dust. Its always best to check it before going out on a visit otherwise you could be in for a surprise. If you like organisation you'll love this job, it's a world of miniatures; small bottle of surgical spirit, small bottle of hibiscrub, an assortment of needles & syringes to name but a few.

So this week we had two visits to tackle. The first on Tuesday was to a breeder of pugs. Now if your a nurse you will know sometimes you have to be quite sly to get on these visits otherwise you will be pipped to the post by another nurse. The next fun starts trying to find directions from google and then using these directions successfully to find your destination! Many a times have me and a vet driven past the house four or five times to only eventually see a bewildered client looking like their watching a tennis game. Then comes the next exciting bit what will the house look like inside, it it going to be what you imagine the client who you may or may not have met before to live in. Other than the complete dire houses that you want to scrub yourself clean after entering the majority are lovely, although some are filled with way to many trinkets. Sometimes I feel bad walking into clients houses like I'm somehow to dishevelled in my nursing uniform.

Its interesting as well seeing the pets in their own environment, a lot are way more calm but some are still very weary of us. Like the big GSD that feels the need to defend his house until the death.....those we tend not to enter to quickly. Anyway back to this weeks visit, vaccinating 5 6 week old pugs. So cute, the breeder was lovely and shared a lot of his experiences with us. Like animals sometimes the owners are a lot more relaxed to. So after vaccinating off we go again, sometimes you get offered a tea....and sometimes not. At this point you wonder how slowly you can take the drive back to the practice before the normal work starts again.

My second visit of the week was a lovely old couple and their 12+ yr old dog. A strange lump had appeared on her leg and they found it to much of a struggle to get her into the practice. These are quite rewarding visits as you feel your really helping these people by making things just a tiny bit easier. The dog was so chilled out in her own home and lay on the carpet enjoying lots of fuss while we took some samples off the lump to send off to the lab. The couple were so grateful and had a nice chat with us afterwards.

So from my point of you there a refreshing break to the week, a chance to escape and for the clients its a lot less stressful. I wonder if more people should request these visits and vets should try to charge less for the service?

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