Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A day of tea

Lots of tea got us through today!

Tea & some peoples choice of coffee are the only two things that will get you through some days in practice. I was working in a three man team today which is basically means me, one vet & a receptionist - quite sweet really.
Due in for operations today consists of one cat spay and two feral kitties, this really is a surprise every time. The owner of the ferals, or more the person trapping them had attempted to sex the cats but be warned I find this to be less than accurate. We always hope for boys, apologies girls but boys are so much quicker and when your not sure if you'll have 3 cats spays or 1, you always hope for 1!
.........They were girls! Very cute but very timid little things, one cat constantly purred but I think this was more out of nervousness and oh god what noise can I make to not let this funny human hurt me.
In practice sometimes we name our clients.....sorry but I'm sure his goes on in most professions. Today was the day for the 'crying lady' forever she will now be known as this. Don't worry another day and this could change again, you don't have it for life. Such a sweet lady, she came in with her beautiful cat to be neutered. She brought Misty in, in a cardboard box, cats HATE these. She forced her way out during my admit appointment and we couldn't get her back in the box.....quite comical really. So I suggest that I go place Misty straight in her cage for the day ready for the op. Of I trot, however on my return to the room to complete the form I enter to find the owner bawling her eyes out. Oh noooo a 'human' crying,
'Are you OK Miss ?, awwww its OK Misty will be fine, come on come and see her in her kennel shes very happy.'
Bless her heart, and so is born the crying lady. It's lovely to see people really loving their animals, cute or what!
So after the vet finishes her morning consults, we both get stuck in theatre for the next two and a bit hours working through the three cat spays. This at least earns 2 cups of tea! Its quite tiring being in theatre for that long, and after both of our bellies were singing to each other we couldn't wait for some lunch!
Now in this practice every time I answer the phone it seems like I always get a shall we say 'difficult client.' Now for those of you that don't know recently drug companies in the UK have changed their drug licensing and you now cannot go more than 365 days between vaccines. So long gone are the days of letting your dogs booster lapse by a month or so as they cannot guarantee the coverage so have recently changed their wording to the above. This does however create many problems for us minions at the sharp end as owners understandably don't like being told this. I honestly can see where their coming from especially if they've always let it lapse by a bit however rules are rules and I am a mere messenger. However this client in question didn't like being told these rules and proceeded to tell me it was my fault that she didn't get a booster reminder and told me to stuff it as she'll go happens. Ahhh time for yet another cup of tea!
My highlight of the day was when the receptionist was trying to 'sell' the companies monthly flea & worm offer and said 'so every three months you get VODKA' a Freudian slip right there, the clients answer 'I'll have some of that please' clearly the receptionist was clearly thinking about her evening to come, something we all no doubt do.
We ended our day in a giggle thank god! After locking up we all had a good natter over, yes another cup of tea. One guarantee about working in vet practices is comradery, we all look out for each other and all we need is a kettle to get us through it! (a rep bringing a free lunch always helps to :)!)

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