Saturday, 1 December 2012

Phew...What a week!


Blimey what a week! It has been crazy!

I'm afraid the winter sickness bug hit our practice this week, not only were the animals all coming in with odd viruses but the humans to were being knocked down with it! Sometimes I do wonder if more crosses the species barrier than we think!

Lots of intensive nursing this week, with lots of animals having very odd blood values and needing intra-venous fluids and hospitalisation. Also the usual array of regular operations. One of my favs of the 'normal' lot was a little 4mth old 'kitten' in for a castrate. Yes people they can be done this early, I personally like my kitties to grow a bit more before doing this but that's just my preference. Anyway he was a cute British Short Haired kitty, who I soon discovered wasn't very well socialised. To the point of he could be placed on anything other than newspaper....! I found this out a bit to late unfortunately, I always like cats to make their own way out of their carrier rather than being pulled out. So I placed the carrier into the kennel with the door open, waiting for the kitten to venture out. He got so far and then appeared to shoot back into his carrier.....I thought well that's strange but with it being early morning and me having loads more admits to do I merely thought he'd heard something that had spooked him. So I popped the carrier on the floor and pulled the kitten out, I then proceeded to 'pop' him in his kennel at which point the kitten physically hit the ceiling of the kennel, back raised, tail in the air. He then scrambled up my arm and onto my shoulder....OUCH! Ok so now I'm dealing with a cat that cannot contemplate sitting comfortably on a vetbed. I even later tried a towel, thinking this poor cat can't sit on just newspaper, but no this produced pretty much the same reaction with him ending up at the front of the kennel hissing and spitting at this alien object. Now does anybody else find this strange surely this cat has come across a sofa, carpet or towel at one point in his 4 mth odd! Right off I go to rinse out my new cat scratches!

Thursday and Friday of this week were manic! We were a nurse down due to sickness and one of vets was definitely on the peeky side! Thursday we were operating until 4pm, so many ops to get through, nurse cons and inpatients it was crazy! However at least it makes the day go quickly, before you know it you've looked at your watch and its 5pm! On days like these nurses come into their own. I helped the vet on the Friday who had to go and take herself off to A&E (she had been caught on the side of the face earlier in the week.....and now had an abscess.....yes on her FACE!) So I took as many vet consults off her as I could whilst the receptionist attempted to move/cancel appointments. I do feel sorry for the receptionists at times like this, they do a fab job but do come into a lot of flack! You'd think people would be more understanding, I mean if there's not a vet to consult then there's not a lot we can really do.
Anyway I did four 2nd vaccinations, numerous nail clips and post op checks whilst also keeping them flowing out the back. At times like this two nurses that work well together is essential. Whilst the operating nurse pretty much stayed in theatre all day on Friday I was pre-meding animals so they were ready to go, recovering animals after their op and getting the rooms turned over ready for the next one. Nurses can keep the vet calm, motivated, help with diagnoses ( when the vets needs someones opinion to help them make their mind up!) and of course bring cups of hot drinks to keep everyone going.

In between all of the above I had the best nurse consult to do. We all love consults like this, it gives us the chance to coo over baby animals. I had four baby guinea pigs to sex, they were so cute! Guinea pigs basically give birth to mini versions of themselves, fully furred, eyes open and ready to eat. These ones were approx 3 weeks old, still suckling from their mum. 2 boys and 2 girls we concluded, all healthy as was mum who came along for the ride. Consults like this really help on manic days like these.

And now we're into December, yo ho ho and the mad rush to get animals vaccinated as people have forgotten, the usual number of chocolate poisonings I cannot wait!!. And I'm sorry but in the profession we also know it as death December, appropriately names because so many people make the 'tough' or easy decision to have their animals put to sleep. Ok so I may come across as insensitive but you wouldn't believe the amount we have, people realise that their old senile animals have come to the end or they just don't want the smelly ones to be around when visitors come from Christmas day. Either way it's going to be a very busy month.

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