Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Smelly...doesn't even come close

So I'm a nurse who works with animals, it's a given there's going to be some funky smells. From pus to vomit, to other such nasties I can cope with it all. However there's still the occasional aroma that can turn my stomach. Today was such a day, I was on theatre again hmmm I'm beginning to think I'm on this a lot. I had already admitted a very cute pug for a bitch spay, cute to those people who like snorting and dribbling in their lives.

I had also already dealt with a blocked bladder cat, very sweet and I felt so sorry for him. So urine up until the next admit had been the smell of the day.

I await with anticipation my next patient, the front door opens and before I even look to see if it's my admit I can smell it. Now you probably think at this point that I am no I could actually smell my patient before I saw it!

So in walks patient, can you see where this is going now. Bless she is a sweet Cocker Spaniel called Charlie. I pop her on the scales and then ask her owner to bring her into consult so that I can go through the consent forms. At the point the owner tells me he only noticed the problem in come on, you've lived with this since December and you only noticed it then??

I ask the other nurse to hold Charlie whilst I draw off some bloods for a pre-anaesthetic screen and I am not kidding by the end she is retching (the nurse not the dog!). Soon the aroma of rotting teeth fill the entire practice, from nurses to receptionists they are all asking me what the god awful smell is. I am beginning to feel more and more sorry for little Charlie. What some people out there think is that if an animal can eat then it can't surely be in pain believe me this is wrong! Companion animals unlike humans don't moan when they have toothache, they can be in such a considerable amount of pain before you even realise.

Are you ready for this, we remove....33 teeth from Charlie, that's all but 9 of her teeth!

I cannot contemplate what this must feel like, and yes she was in pain on recovery but over the next few days she will feel immensely better. She already ate on recovery and the smell had all but gone. I wish I could say the same for the dental room, which now represents an area of massacre and the most god awful smell.

The owners will surely now notice a difference in the household smell, I do sometimes wonder how people can live with smells like that.!

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