Friday, 1 February 2013

What a Calamity........& that's putting it politely!

Now before you read this blog I must make you aware.....mistakes can happen as in any profession :s, shall we continue?

The day started off well, lots of giggles. However the operating vet was already in a laugh or cry kind of mood, I was doing my best to stay on the laughing side! I was on nurse consults today, although unfortunately in this practice they are not overrun with them, so I find myself as per usual helping out with everything else. Today was a definite cat day, one cat boarding with us and three cats due in to be neutered.

The three cats were admitted, all sporting sequined collars in a variety of garish colours. Whilst the operating nurse and operating vet started to draw up drugs etc I actually had a nurse consult so was kept busy. One of my colleagues had spoken one of our cat charity ladies who had been on the phone as she had managed to trap a feral cat. So we added this big ginger very smelly tom to our operating list.

And away they go, the first cat spay was all routine although she did have an infestation of ear mites which required a good clean. Whilst this was going on I was asked if I could 'jab' the next one, which I did and then took over to recover the cat spay. So into theatre they went with the next that was now sleeping nicely. Here's were the problems start.......the vet couldn't find the cats uterus. I grabbed her a spay hook which can sometimes assist with the hunt. At this point me & the vet I think thought of the same question at it definitely a girl?? I lifted the drape whilst maintaining sterility, had a feel and before I could even say anything the vet saw my expression and knew the answer....I had felt two small testicles. Moral of the story always check the cat when admitting it for an operation and if you haven't always check whilst clipping, mistakes happen. So what could have been a very quick cat castrate turned into a quick ex-lap followed by a neutering......

I then jabbed the feral kitty ready for his operating. After the calamity above I thought I'll clip up this one to help them out as their day was gradually going from bad to worse. Oh geez, no it can't be not today.....they must be joined together this cat is cryptorchid! I shout through to the vet 'really sorry guys but your day just actually got worse, I can only feel one and can't locate the other!'

Cryptorchid - Only one testicle has descended. The other one is sometimes located in the inguinal region, however if not it will be in the abdomen and therefore requires an exploratory laporotomy to find it.

So the simple cat castrate turns into yet another calamity....!

We all join in with the hunt for the other testicle in the hope that someone somehow will find it in the inguinal region as this is a lot easier, alas no. So into theatre it goes :(

I hate to say it but at this point I am very grateful I am not on ops, it means I can escape from time to time and make a cuppa! Whilst in the office I inform the head nurse of whats gone on, lots of rolling of eyes later were all just wondering what else can go on today....When we hear the receptionist scream and the strangest of bubbling sounds - her porridge had exploded in the microwave!! This was definitely a laugh or cry day! They happen a lot in practice, lessons get learnt and the new grad vet and operating vet had definitely learnt from a mistake that we've all made at some time in our careers.

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