Tuesday, 26 March 2013

One word......Bizarre

I heard the most bizarre story last week and I have been debating since then whether to blog about it or not......it's a strange one I'll admit and definitely one that grossed me out.

But I found it funny...after the cringe that is...so here goes:

Last week another veterinary nurse was telling me a story about a long standing client at the practice. During a consult the client explained to the vet her....bizarre habits. She only confessed this story to the vet because first and foremost she was concerned her actions had resulted in her dog to end up suffering from diabetes.

The client explained.........

'I've had my dog from a young age, her mother rejected her early on and she was the runt of the litter. Because she was so small I started to carry her round inside my jumper, to help maintain her body heat basically. After a few weeks of doing this I noticed one of my own breasts start to swell, I found it odd but thought it was some maternal instinct of my own after not having had children myself.'

Now at this point if your of a nervous disposition or weak stomach I'd suggest you stop reading!

'I can't honestly remember how it went on from there but basically I started to let the puppy latch onto me, yes I started to breast feed her. Sometimes I would let her crawl into bed with me and from then on it became habit that she would suckle from me and I was her surrogate mother. The reason I'm telling you is because I'm concerned it could be what's caused her diabetes.'

Now my initial reaction to this story was one of 'no you cannot be serious' followed by almost being sick, followed by hilarious laughter. I'm sure you've got your own! But apparently this was true, a story that was told to two separate people on two separate occasions!
Every week I hear odd, funny stories in practice but this one really does take the biscuit!

I searched the Internet and could only find one other similar story, of course from America, have a read if you can stomach more ;p!


Apologies but I couldn't resist sharing this diamond!

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