Monday, 13 May 2013

Cruciate? Whats one of those.......

I do love an out of the ordinary day. This week I had been working at a practice set over three levels, now yes in some ways this was quirky but practical wise it was a nightmare! Theatre and prep was down stairs, dental, consults and reception was on another and finally staff room and lab was on the top. That's all I'll say but you can get where this could cause complications and lots of running around when you have say a blood sample taken from an animal in prep!

It is refreshing to see to dare I say it, see different operations from your regular neutering's and dentals. Don't get me wrong routine ops can still be fun and the different animals give it their own variations but it is really nice to see something that you haven't seen for a few years.

So this day I was on ops on a late shift 10-7. Everything had been prepared before I got there which was lovely, all the animals had been pre-meded so I literally had to hit the ground running stethoscope in hand. The other nurse had opted to do 'dirty' ops whilst I was on the 'clean' ones. My first was a very overweight corgi cross who had unfortunately (probably due to his weight) done his cruciate in.

  • When the cruciate ligament ruptures it causes instability of the pets stifle (knee joint).

I hadn't seen a cruciate op for a few years so some orthopedic surgery was quite a treat. (Normally however I can't stand orthopaedic ops because they generally take forever to complete!) After clipping up most of the leg and scrubbing we moved him through into theatre. Sterility as you can imagine is imperative in any op, but even more so when bones are involved.
The other nurse prepared the surgeon with gown and gloves etc. There was to be two vets operating on this pooch, just makes it easier sometimes if one holds things back and passes instruments. The op went well the stifle was stabilised using a thick nylon suture, always good fun to see a drill used in ops. However I always get the nerves when I have to drop the un-sterile drill into the surgeons waiting drill drape! That's horrible thought off 'Oh god what would happen if I missed this and mucked it up'! But it all went fine yay!

The anaesthetic was really stable, and after the vet had finished suturing I cleaned up the wound and applied a primapore to the surgical site to further protect it. The dog recovered really well but did need a repeat methadone injection at 2pm. It would be strict cage rest for a few weeks but should recover really well.

Always lots of cleaning up to be done after a major op, and today was no exception. But first just got to get through about 4 other ops. Phew what a day!

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