Wednesday, 29 May 2013 what's that?

Now any veterinary nurse who's been doing it a while will tell you that sometimes you really do question what nursing is....

Take today for instance, I was on the early finish shift for once, yay! So no ops for me, instead I was more the helper. I.e. setting up for ops, assisting with blood sampling oh yeah and fixing the haematology machine! Pretty much this took up my entire morning, no word of a lie. So we got the blood sample off the cute hissing kitty and I proceeded to run the biochemistry test all fine. Haematology next.....when the print out came out half of the results were missing! Ok so this happens sometimes so I'll just run it again to make sure, and again only half the results.

I speak to the other nurse just to see if there's some spectacularly stupid I'm doing but she agrees with what I've done and due to it being a new machine I get on the phone to the lab to ask for help. So I'm given a few options, all of which are going to be highly involved and long winded. In the mean time the vet suggests I run some manual tests i.e. blood smears and manual pcvs, at least that way we will have some results.

Once they're done, I grab a chair from reception take off my shoes and climb onto the chair, yes my life really has come to this :)! 'Health & Safety' shouts someone who finds seeing me standing on a chair in the middle of the lab highly amusing! Right time to grab the reagent pack, remove all the cables at the rear of the machine and run a bleach cycle through it - I hear you a bleach cycle on a sensitive piece of equipment like this, I thought exactly the same but that's what the woman told me to do. Anyways 2 hrs later, after lots of tweaking and more phone calls I attempt to re run the sample, keep your fingers crossed! Thank god for that it worked, and finally we can now get going with the ex lap on the poor kitty.

This day really does remind me of all the other little tasks I've completed whilst nursing such as plumbing in new washing machines, drilling holes in worktops for computer cables, painting and decorating, moving whole surgeries in the back of horse box's, IT support and many more. You see veterinary nursing is quite a varied profession, you gain all sorts of handy diy experience. We shall see what tomorrow brings eh! For those that are interested unfortunately the poor kitty didn't make it she had a large mass in her stomach which had also taken over the small & large intestines. She was put to sleep peacefully on the op table.

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