Friday, 24 May 2013

You can't beat a good road trip!

Now I've mentioned in a previous post my love for road trips and today was no exception. Except this one was a home visit this one was a wee bit more fun!

I prefer road trips when they're unexpected. Today I was setting up for ops as usual, running around like a blue arse fly making sure everything is prepared. We had two cat spays, a bitch spay, a cat that was needing an ultrasound and a dog booked in to go for some external workups that was waiting on the vet. I started for the bitch spay getting tube, ties and all the other necessaries that come with it. I was just beginning to fill up my hibiscrub pot when the head nurse came to find me to ask if I minded going on a little road trip with the head vet. Mind? Of course not when do I leave....Now...Fab!

Now as with any job some days can be more mundane than others, but spontaneity always spices things up right!? So turns out that both the cat and the Labrador are going to be taken my pet ambulance to the vet school for workups! Queue my sat in the van with a big smile on my face waiting for the road trip to begin......Ahhhh of course this is nursing right so I end up with the cat cage on my lap.....which the worlds most ferocious kitty in it physically wanting to get out of the cage to eat me. Followed by a drip bag swinging from the vans sun visor and quite often whacking me in the face.....yep that's the image that's more like nursing.
So off we go, dog in the bag being quiet as a mouse, cat wanting to eat me and the head vet making awkward but very pleasant conversation.

We arrive at the separate radiography suite and I take a seat, it turns out the owner of the Labrador is there to......and now yes I am to asking the question why couldn't the owner have brought him? Anyways we getting chatting on the sofa whilst the head vet takes the dog into see the specialist. I am left with the cat that wants to eat me and the owner. However then a very pleasant receptionist asks if we want drinks...ooh this is a novelty why not!

Its at this point that I realise that the Labrador is now undergoing a CT scan, which is something that I have never seen before. The head vet pokes his head round the corner to see if were all ok and I decide to cheekily ask if I can go and watch, he agrees and swaps with me on cat sitting task. I walk through and find the specialist intently looking at her monitor in a room overlooking the CT scanner. The Labrador has been sedated and is strapped onto the table while the device is whirring away and taking pictures of the region around the dogs carpus as this is where his problem lies. I can honestly say I found it really interesting and it reminds me why I love nursing for odd days like this where you get to see something new. The specialist talked me through what she was doing and showed me the changes to the bone. It turns out the dog has got arthritis even though he is only three years old and hence why he's stiff and in pain. After they've completed the study I sit with Buddy until he comes round from the sedation and then take him back to the owner.

At this point the head vet takes the cat into the room. Phew dodged one there, they manage to sedate the cat for the ultrasound god knows how but hey I'm sat back on the couch drink in hand waiting for the dog to fully recover. However my karma does come back around on the way back to base when again I get the joy as task of sitting for 30mins with a heavy evil cat on my lap. So if anyone says fancy a road trip I'd say go for it who knows you may get to see something new and if not well a jolly away from practice is always fun to :)


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