Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Owners resembling their pets...?

Now I know its a well said saying that 'dogs resemble their owners' but I don't think its just appearance. I mean take the owner that came rushing in last night in a panic. She phoned 5 mins before arriving in a right fluster and all I got from the phone call was that her dog had a stake coming out of its leg.....! She was cooing & sympathising with the dog in the waiting room, wouldn't listen to a word we said and must have reminded us ten times that it was the dogs left fore leg that was the problem......yes yes hand the dog over now, go home and try not to sit up all night panicking.

The vet admits it because on examination its left leg is so painful that she cannot gain a proper look. At 3:30am we attempt to gain I/V access to the dog to administer a sedation but it is so neurotic that we have to go I/M (I must add at this point that its a miniature Schnauzer). I eventually get clipping up the leg and what do I find......I kid you not one tiny grass seed that was stuck in a Matt of hair and not even penetrating the skin. Example number one!

Then there was the lady with a very full head of reddish hair that came in in the morning with her......Red setter. The dog was due in for a blood work up and the owner was leaving early to go to work. The lady was quite tall and genuinely resembled her dog not only in appearance but also in personality. As the dog was cowering as far away from me as possible behind the owner who was also a nervous wreck. I literally had to stand there for ten minutes after saying to the owner that its best she leaves first and then I will be able to take her dog out the back. There we both are behind some big glass doors in full view of the owner who's creeping her car out of the car park staring at and wave, smile and wave!

The only exception I find to this is that owners of cats don't tend to look or act the same as their pets. Possibly because cats are so independent? In general if a cat owner has more than three cats they tend to be a tad odd.......queue barrage of angry cat owners, I did say in general!

So do you think owners pick their dog/pets because they see something of themselves in them, do you think its just coincidence or do you think that dogs are equally as drawn to them...?


  1. Must say I do agree with people owning more than three cats being odd. It does apply to several of my friends.

    Though a large proportion of my friends are odd anyway :p

  2. Ha ha I myself have two, just slipping neatly underneath the threshold!
    I feel the rule also works for rabbit owners, more than three and watch out for that client! ;)