Thursday, 31 October 2013

Jargon Jargon Jargon

So for those new to nursing lets help you dissect some of those confusing jargon's, abbreviations & other technical bits that seem to get used a never ending amount!

With regards to medication, does anyone else get confused with generic names and trade names?
In a nut shell generic names are the names given to the active ingredient of the drug where as branded/trade names is the name the manufacturer has given to the drug.

  • Take Rimadyl for instance, its a form of anti-inflammatory called Carprofen. However so is Carprieve, & others brands like Imafen™. Quite the mind field isn't it, and extra hard when your starting out. So its really important to familiarise yourself with as many common generic and trade names.

So some medicine abbreviations:

SID = Once a day
BID = Twice a day
TID = Three times a day
q4hrs = Every 4 hrs (q = every)
PRN = As required or when its needed (pro re nata)
NPO = Nil by mouth (Nil per Os) so prior to surgery etc.

Those are probably the most common used every day ones that you need to get your head around.

Handy Hint time:

Do you ever no matter how much you do to avoid it still get air bubble in your syringe of medication? This happens to all of us, I find the worse for it is Rimadyl & Propofol . For starters after you've drawn up what you think is about the right above pull your needle & syringe out of the bottle and draw back further on the plunger. Then push the plunger back slowly towards the needle this should help. For those syringes that are off centre (this makes it easier) after removing again from the bottle when you push back towards the needle simply rotate the syringe to help the air bubble pass through the correct side of the syringe. And people if all else fails and you still cant get rid of the bubbles, draw back again and give the syringe a couple of good flicks of the wrist! Seriously don't believe me try it, none of this flicking your finger & tapping the syringe business no just literally keep flicking the syringe using your wrist action and the bubbles will disappear *may take more than two flicks and you may look like a crazy psycho wielding a syringe & needle.

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  1. Hi Im aspiring to join this profession, however I am worried I won't be able to cope , I have never really been in any high pressure situations to asses whether I would thrive or fail, I can't see myself doing anything else in the future

  2. Hi Clare,
    Thanks for your comment, my only real advice is to get as much experience prior to taking the leap into the profession as you can. Best way is to either do work experience or volunteer at your local practice & really get involved. By which I mean don't just be content with cleaning but throw yourself into it, ask what you can do to help. A busier hospital environment would be your best bet for a more rounded view of the profession :)

    1. Thanks so much, I will definitely get stuck in to any experience I get !