Sunday, 12 January 2014

How to cheer up any dull January day

Now that the usual 'Christmas clear-out' is over with for another year, I was only saying to a colleague one morning last week that I hadn't seen a new litter of puppies lately.

* xmas clear-out, is a period of time in the lead up to Christmas where owners of pets suddenly decide that the time has come to put their animal to sleep (in my conclusion probably because incontinent animals & guests over don't mix so well) whatever the reason this is known as the clear-out period.

That same afternoon after numerous calls from a very worried owner we receive our first batch. Turns out that the very inexperienced dog home worker had over the xmas period taken in a very heavily pregnant.......wait for it......Staffie. The SBT was believed to have already had a previous litter so shouldn't have had to many problems, but the owner was very concerned as it was her first.
Another nurse instructed her several times over the phone regarding the birthing process, signs to look for and complications that may come into play. We had no idea who the father was so this was one big complication.

The next morning as predicted we receive another call saying that the bitch went into labour during the early hours and had so far had five puppies, all healthy bar one that was having slight difficulty breathing at the start but was now much better. We instructed her to keep the puppies nice and warm but by this point the bitch still had more to come and she was struggling. So we advised her to come down with all the puppies and mum for us to check her over.

Queue lots of cooing at puppies. During the consult the vet managed to help pass the last remaining puppy and handed it to us to help bring him round. Another nurse attempted this but to no avail, unfortunately we believe that the puppies lungs never had the chance to inflate and there was nothing more we could do after resus had not worked. So we now turned our attentions to the remaining 7 puppies. We checked all of them for cleft palettes but they were all fine, we sexed them and cleaned them up (5 boys and 2 girls). Because mum was so tired and exhausted from being in labour all night we decided to help her out by 'pooping them' which involves getting a luke warm piece of cotton wool and rubbing it on their bits to simulate what their mum would do to aid them into passing urine and faeces. All mine urinated but the other nurse was unlucky to receive some new puppy poo all over her hands ;p!

After making sure they were all healthy and warmed up we returned them to mum, and instructed the owner on how she can help. She seemed very shocked when I said they would be looking for food every 1-2hrs. I also advised her that she may need to supplement the feeds with puppy milk if mum was struggling and to tired.

I personally am a firm believer that there are to many SBTs in dog homes & something does need to be done, possibly a nationwide neutering and tighter breeding rules, but you cant deny just how cute any puppy is & how they brighten up the otherwise very dull January day.

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  1. Please keep doing these posts!! Im really interested into becoming a vn and its really interesting to read stories!!!