Saturday, 15 March 2014

Kick Back

Now I have been known to write a few doom & gloom posts, which lets all be honest happens a lot in regular practice.

In fact I only had one a few nights a go when a dog was in status epilepticus and despite, diazepam, phenobarb & a propofol infusion we just couldn't control it! Its the first time for me I've had one where a propofol constant rate infusion cannot contain it but there you go, luckily we took the call to refer it on and after a speedy journey with me wedged on the back seat of a vets car surrounded by child car seats and a dog anaesthetised on my lap we safely got him there.
We both felt relieved when we learnt a few days later that we had made the right decision. As the referral centre also couldn't control the seizures and after the dog spent a whole day anaesthetised and many hours in an MRI they still were no closer getting to the bottom of the problem.

Despite all of the above my main objective for this post was to say to all those newly qualified and currently training nurses that it really isn't all doom and gloom. Just this week at one of my regular locum practices I had a brilliant time. Descaling multiple dogs teeth, which is always nice when a vet trusts you to do a better job than themselves (lets face it that's often ;p). Finishing up ops early to enjoy a takeaway lunch with other nurses and receptionists. And of course there's cleaning, now come on don't groan, where else do you get to finish up ops early, throw open the back door of the practice and soak up some of this lovely sun. Personally I took it upon myself to take all the mats out the back and give them all a good scrub down, broom in hand (and yes it was a very good excuse to enjoy the sunshine and have a chat to the neighbours!) Later we clipped up one of the nurses spaniels and bathed her outside.

So if your reading this and your in that in between thinking is it for me, I won't lie to you its hard work. Some days you do have to stay beyond your shift and there is a heck of a lot of cleaning involved. But if you take pride in your work, always keen to learn and like myself love variety then give it a go. Best advice is to try before you sign up to a three year college course though.
So get those kennel doors outside and staff pets and kick back and enjoy a good spring clean :)

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