Monday, 15 December 2014

It's that time of year again.....


Ho Ho Ho it's Christmas

This time of year rolls around so quick! Christmas is a lovely time of year, especially for pets that love to scavenge.
Yes its that time of year when aggressive Dachshunds steal and stuff themselves with chocolate presents. And Labradors like to devour whole Christmas puddings in one sitting. Tis' the season to be jolly, give Apo-morphine and wait to see just exactly what they did take a fancy to.
Gone are the days when I was shocked by any of this, it's common practice for any Veterinary nurse these days and tends to start as of the 1st December.
Only last week the aggressive Dachshund decided to accompany me on my night shift. His owner had apparently gone to open the door to a Xmas visitor and the dachsy had somehow managed to get into the store cupboard and help himself to lots of pre-wrapped Xmas chocolates. He had a wail of a time unfortunately that soon ended with a trip to see us.  
Made to vomit up his finds, put on a drip for the night and forced to eat charcoal. I can't stress enough if your dog is a known scavenger or has a sweet tooth please keep these items somewhere impossible for them to get to. Needless to say changing a bandage, force feeding charcoal and generally taking TPRs throughout the night isn't so fun on a dog that was constantly trying to bite. That said I was his best friend in the morning when the day staff came onto shift, think we had an understanding by then and compared to new faces he was already very familiar with mine :p.
So I know I've touched on it before in previous posts but you'll find in vet practices things come in waves with the different seasons. The Christmas one is definitely the one for eating things they shouldn't. So keep your raisin filled Christmas puddings out of reach (yes raisins are really just grapes that are poisonous to). Take care around real trees, needles eaten don't sit in intestines or stomachs so well. Tinsel is great fun to play with but not swallowed. Haha I'll stop now, you get the idea, keep your pets safe this Xmas.

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  1. Please keep posting :) I've just started my career as an SVN in a practice and your posts are fascinating x