Saturday, 23 January 2016

I'm back......nursing that is!

So after more than a year away pursuing other things, I'm happy to say that I'm back in practice nursing. I really now can sympathise with anyone whose been on maternity leave or taken a career break from nursing.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement, it felt like my first time again - steady on! Seriously though, it reminded my days back being a trainee nurse. My first injection I drew up I was shaking and intently looking at the lines to make sure I wasn't neither over or under them. My biggest fears were products that I had never even heard of let alone used. That was even before I had held a cat for a bloods again, over thinking how I'm meant to restrain them.

However pretty quickly I worked out that lots of my knowledge was still there, as soon as I was given a cat to hold it came naturally and I laughed at myself for worrying about it. I started to remember drug calculations and after drawing up a few I no longer anally looked at the line, it just happened. Actually I surprised myself how quickly it all came back, it was like putting on an old pair of slippers and it just felt comfortable.

Day one I had taken my first bloods, a little milestone and another thing I had been worrying about, as we all know its a technique and after having over a year off I was worried I may have lost it. Its strange thought how the methods and knowledge just comes back to you.

I did have a whole new set of practice protocols to learn, but that's usual for any new practice you walk into. And the usual, hmmm I know what needs doing I just don't know where the things are kept to do it happened a lot. But after looking through almost every cupboard that didn't take too long to get my head around. By day 3 I was requesting to do Nurse consults, and it felt good to be helping clients and animals again.

Day four, first IV catheter placement in the bag :). & my first home visit - come on they're always a bit of a road trip.

I forgot how funny days in practice can be, where only convos that veterinary people will understand and members of the public would be horrified by go on - nurses will understand what I mean.
So for now its happy days again, and hey if nothing else it will provide me with ample material for my blog, win win!

*Anyone thinking of a career change, advice - keep your listing up. That way if it doesn't work out you can come back far easier, this does involve keeping up with your cpd and paying the fee. However there is always the option that if you have left for several years you can come back and do shadowing hours before you then reapply for your RVN, see below.

If you have been unregistered for five years or more, prior to making an application to restore your name to the Register you must have completed a period of supervised practice (PSP) of not less than 17 weeks, equivalent to 595 hours, in either an approved training practice or a practice accredited under the Practice Standards Scheme at ‘General Practice’ or ‘Hospital’ Level. In order that you can complete your PSP you must first register with the RCVS by contacting the Nursing Department on 020 7202 0788 or

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