Thursday, 4 February 2016

A cat, a cat called Bruiser

Has anyone else noticed the increase in stray cats coming into the practice? We've had 3 this week alone! Distinct increase I would say, and so sad.

Everyone of them we have to give a name to, our latest we were undecided on so aptly named him bruiser after the fact he's a very big black handsome Tom cat. Clients still never cease to amaze me, the lady that had caught Bruiser bought him in to have him scanned to check for a microchip, test for Felv/FIV & then eventually neuter him. However on admit I quote 'I would rather pay to have him put to sleep than have him returned to me neutered.' Now that's a tough one to swallow, however with charities at their max capacity and no funds in the pot it really does fall to individual practices to make tough decisions. Honestly it's not fair, what an awful position to be put in. Do you continue to dip into the 'practice funds?' not accept strays into the practice in the first place or put healthy animals to sleep.

Luckily the practice I work in won't be pushed into putting healthy cats to sleep, but although it saddens me I understand why some have to. With the RSPCA giving advice like, unless it's injured put it back where you found it. Cats protection and other charities being full to the rafters, already over subscribed and fosterers at breaking point. It really does fall to the kindness of individual practice owners. I really feel that the law with regards to cats especially, needs to be looked at. Dogs after all have far more protection in law and although sometimes useless, at least the option of a dog warden is sometimes helpful.

Anyways back to Bruiser, he was I'm pleased to say negative for FeLV/FIV and was castrated the same day. He's a very handsome and loving cat, he's so smoochy and deserves a loving home. However on the downside, he has now been in practice for 4 days and he's a very depressed boy being stuck in his kennel all day. He's just not doing well cooped up, not even getting up from his bed when I went into see him today. I felt so sorry for him, thinking that he was probably quite happy hunting around the local neighbourhood when somebody kept him locked up for 7 days and then bought him into us.
Later today after every other patient had left for the day I made sure that I let him have the run of the prep area, however the cutie he is just wanted lots of love off all of the nurses. We have also all witnessed his notorious swagger and therefore feel an American rap name would be far more appropriate.

I just hope that things in the future change and it's not left to the local practice to decide what happens to these stray animals. Oh and in case you're wondering, one cat has become the practice cat at our sister site, the second cat of the week - an owner eventually came forward. And as for Bruiser/ name still to be decided he's currently still looking for a home or space to come up in the local cats protection cattery. On a lighter note he's getting lots of love and he's the cutest cat ever.

FeLV - Feline Leukemia Virus
FIV - Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
*Your local cats protection always have cats in for rehoming so please please look to them first before buying a new kitten. Also if you've ever fancied being a cats protection foster carer, there's no time like the present - they're in desperate need.

A recent petition to give cats the same right as dogs with regard to the Road Traffic Act, although I must add I've never worked at a practice that just disposes of cats that have been killed. They have always been kept for a minimum of 7 days in the hope that an owner will come forward.

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