Friday, 15 April 2016

BSAVA reviewed - A nurse eyed view 2016.

So after my third go at BSAVA I thought I'd write a little review of the highlights and if you've never been an insight into what all the fuss is about.

As mentioned I've been three times, I've never attended multiple days in a row. Mainly this is due to lack of CPD budget or the staffing levels to be allowed to attend for multiple days. So for me its always been single years, the last time prior to this one was roughly 5 years ago.
  • I'm a nurse, so lets be honest my main reason for attending is free think I joke but this year I wracked up what I think is a fairly impressive 20! In case my boss is reading though, it's all about the CPD.

This year myself and two colleagues arrived at a reasonable 8:15am, filled with excitement (mainly for pens) we ventured to the Barclaycard Arena Birmingham to collect our ever impressive Royal Canin bag. Now anyone who has been to any BSAVA, always looks forward to the bag (no its not sad) every year the design changes, yet the colour remains. And lets be honest its an epic bag, big enough for all the pens with loads of extra secret pockets.....ok now I'm scaring myself. But genuinely props to Royal Canin, love the famous BSAVA red bag. This year did not disappoint. However I did make the mistake of saying yes to the printed copy of the full BSAVA programme - needless to say not long after I had my first car drop off.
Next after a quick toilet stop, we all headed over to the ICC where all the main CPD lecture halls are. Me and my nursey colleague had already preselected what ones we wanted to attend, however multiple checks of the programme were needed as there are just so many halls. Ultimately there are way more vet dedicated halls than nurses. However we still had roughly 4/5 halls to locate. At this point we said turahh to our vet colleague, spotting a meet up location for later. And off we all went. The plan worked quite well, the morning we spent mainly at lectures and the afternoon we spent at the exhibition. Every lecture hall has a water cooler outside and toilets, the halls are spacious with lots of chairs and screens to see the lecturer on. Its all really well set up, timing wise was kept punctual. Staff members scan your pass on entry and if you stay in for the next CPD you simply have to scan your pass prior to it starting using handy electronic scanners located in the hall.

My only negatives for the nursing lectures were that on the day I attended a lot just weren't relevant for nurses, or not enough to be a solely vet nursing stream of lectures. For example I attended one on clinical exam, myself and my colleague thought it would be really handy to learn how to do a thorough nurse exam during nurse consults be it a 6mth puppy check or a geriatric clinic. However the lecture was actually an in depth veterinary surgeon exam, and therefore way to in depth for nurses. I wouldn't normally percussion a chest to check for free fluid etc. I feel more relevant and genuine nurse orientated CPD would be far better. My only other negative is at select times between lectures there is tea/coffee time, however to get these using your free voucher you have to traipse all the way back to the Barclaycard arena and battle through the exhibition - this would be much better if this could be provided at the ICC.

So come the afternoon and a good solid amount of lectures done we passed on the free sandwich and ate at a pub close by. Refuelled, it was exhibition time! Personally my favourite part, and I think most others. The exhibition is based in the Barclaycard Arena (where all the concerts are held), its a huge area filled with exhibition stalls from all the main veterinary suppliers. The best bit is obviously the freebies and the competition entries. Again if the boss is reading though, its also a great opportunity to meet with reps, gain helpful literature and be shown new equipment on the market. Me and my nurse colleague really put the work in this year entering a lot of competitions (I must be due a prize right) and wow did I get a lot of freebies.....bags full! 

After finally managing to locate the vet and have a catch up, with sore feet and shoulders we concluded the day at about 4pm. And that was BSAVA and Birmingham wrapped up for another year.

It was good fun as always, I love everyone walking around with their little red bags full of rubbish (just the leaflet part) its like you're part of a scouting trip. I love playing the whose a vet/nurse game. I also like getting back to practice and filling other staff members in on things I learnt, info I gained and of course handing out some impressive freebies.

BSAVA - if you haven't done one yet, go for it. The vet I took had never attended one before and her thoughts were 'that was the best bloody CPD I've ever done, I'm actually on a slight high, is that weird?' No, its great fun :)

*handy hints:
  • Car parking is at the Barclaycard Arena - there's loads of spaces and 24hrs costs £8.
  • It's a great way to gain CPD hours, all in one place and lots of choose from.
  • There are lots of restaurants nearby if needed,
  • Get your free food/bag early on as the queues can get quite large.
  • Don't forget to scan your badge after the lecture concludes else it won't link that you've been there and subsequently your practice won't think you've attended any as they receive email notification.   

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  1. You must keep a tally of free pens. Is 20 a high score? Rofl! Sounded like you have a fun time! 😀