Saturday, 21 May 2016

Lets talk injuries...

I think I've touched on this subject before however after recent personal experiences that happen on a weekly if not daily basis I feel it needs it's own post.

So injuries......

Warning - Do not partake in the veterinary profession if you ever want to be a hand wear model! Or any other hobby/profession that has the requirement for perfect skin.

Yes I'm talking about the daily risk we all put ourselves in, you laugh but seriously its dangerous :p.

So I was due on holiday recently, always the best time, you start winding down thinking: 'only a few more hours of my shift and then its packing time, ahhhh relief' Next thing the boss comes through and asks me to hold a cat, of course I say 'no problem' in my high gusto mood.
What I've forgotten in my holiday mode brain is the danger that this brings. I proceeded to hold the cat for its vaccination, all fine (this is a breeze, I'm actually unsure why I was called into this consult) I am just about to praise the cat whilst affectionately stroking it, when **STRIKE!! The cat out of nowhere goes for the full on swipe and attack, and yes holy crap it's attached to my hand. Now any nurse knows this can go two ways, I mean its going to hurt either but you really hope it attacks and then backs down. Nope this cat meant it, the cat was physically stuck in my hand - I watched in horror as the skin on my hand tented which meant I had to follow the cat with my hand to stop it being pulled even more. Meanwhile the vet bless her is attempting to detach the cat from my skin......

OUCH! Queue me slopping off into the prep room cursing under my breath and wondering why I'm so unlucky and couldn't have survived two more hours. Whilst rinsing and scrubbing my hand the vet cheerfully comes into the room and says 'well, at least you'll remember us now on holiday.' Ha-ha, isn't everyone the comedian I think to myself.

The above is only a scratch, but all you budding nurses out there, think of all the other injuries we pick up on a weekly basis:

  1. A personal favourite of mine so top of the list: Being nutted by a dog, they ultimately always have a harder head than yourself. Also into this same example; is when you're holding them for a blood sample and they abruptly lift there head which on occasion can nut you in the chin causing you to almost bite your own tongue. I have seen many nurses with black eyes.....just saying.
  2. Being bitten. It had to be high on the list: cat bites especially run the risk of needing a trip to the doctors. I myself have had a bad cat bite on my hand that did begin to track up my arm. I have known vets that have had to go to hospital to have IV antibiotics and their muscle sheath flushed out.....nice! Dog bites are equally bad but seem a lot more dramatic at the time and cause way more mess. I myself have luckily never had a bad one......great now I probably will. Hamster bites are always fun too, the do not release very quickly and I have seen many a vet/nurse having to physically flick them off.....can be dangerous to both human and hamster.
  3. Sprains next, now you think how is that possible. Try holding a dog by its collar (which I try never to do) but sometimes when its necessary. They wiggle and have a great knack of twisting your wrist and then pulling it....when its still at a funny angle.
  4. Burns...autoclaves can be dangerous...that is all.
  5. Grazes - from kneeling on the floor, around this you will also encounter my next personal fav - animal hair finding its way into your skin. A great game when home of a night and you look at your knee and think surely that is not my leg hair....!
  6. This should probably be higher on the list but as its an over time one I've put it here. Back pain - I don't think I've ever met a nurse that has not had some form of back pain during their career. Its a given, please look after yourself...I remember rolling my eyes at that, but carrying anaesthetised floppy animals isn't easy. Nor is it easy to restrain dogs that weigh more than you and are stronger than you.

There are loads more, but I don't want to bore you or put you off the profession (I know I know too late) It's still a great career :p promise.

In case anyone's wondering I had an amazing holiday and my hand was fine, I obviously did a good job at flushing it out afterwards. I mean it looked like I'd punched someone due to the bruising but otherwise I was grand.

If I've missed any obvious ones feel free to comment with injuries of your own :)

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