Saturday, 24 September 2016

Is your dog a scavenger......?

Do you think your dog could be classed as a scavenger? I'm not sure its got anything on this case I'm about to talk about.......

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So this week we had a lovely springer spaniel in, lets call her Ember (just to keep her anonymity, I don't think all her mates need to know what she gets up to in her spare time.) So Ember came in on Wednesday evening, her symptoms where just generally off colour and not eating. Her owners also reported that she had vomited several times, and as the consult went on it turned out she hadn't been well for a few weeks.

After not really getting to the bottom of her symptoms she was admitted overnight and placed on intravenous fluids as she was quite dehydrated. X-rays were taken of her abdomen, but no obvious foreign bodies were seen - well nothing radio opaque was seen anyway. However lots of gas was present and the guts just didn't look quite right. So the decision was made to open her up the following morning and have a look.

So Thursday morning came, overnight Ember had already vomited quite a lot and the contents were already very indicative of what we were likely to find in the abdomen. Even after bringing up quite a sizeable amount of shall we say contents she still wasn't right, so the decision was made to continue to theatre.

So here I must put a warning out there that graphic images are to follow, if you're squeamish I suggest you don't continue reading.

Now as a veterinary nurse this is the point we all love, you will find many a nurse in fact probably the whole practices contents with there noses up to the theatre glass waiting to find out what surprises lay in store. That's exactly what happened right now, with sound effects such as ooohhs and ahhhhsss and what the hell is that.

Suction definitely needed! 
So as the following pictures will show this dog now wins the title of doggy hoover. This is one of the biggest hoards of stomach and intestine contents I have seen for quite some time. Needless to say it was a good job we opened her up.... and lets hope she will break this habit soon!

 So the below image is our final tally, in it we have the following items of interest:

  • 1 red hair net (that I've got to say I first thought was a garter or some red knickers)
  • Numerous stones, too many to count,
  • A packet of crisps, tied in a knot possibly prawn cocktail but the juries still out on that one,
  • 2 Bolt Caps (plastic)
  • Numerous shards of plastic - possibly a water bottle or similar,
  • A whole horse poo.... which inside it had a lovely surprise of a 5p coin,
  • An MOT certificate,
  • Other items that are beyond identity.

I think you agree I think the dog could win a few contests, however surviving in life perhaps not a great forte - and will need to break this habit to enable a long and happy life. Ember went home the following day a bit sorry for herself after the ordeal.

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