Saturday, 12 November 2016

Eye Eye Captain

Now if you're a little squeamish about eyes then good luck reading this... (see what I did there - so many eye puns can be put in this YES)

But on a serious note eyes are really important things, believe it or not. We see quite a few in daily practice and injuries are common. Most owners don't realise how serious these conditions can be and how many of them are in fact emergency situations.

Commonly animals present with sore eyes, their third eyelid may be across the eye. It may be inflamed or swollen these are all scenarios that really do require you to visit your local vets quickly. Only recently we had a small terrier present in the practice with a sore eye that she couldn't stop rubbing and it turned out that the owner had left it for a day or two.....and there was a thorn present in the eyeball. At this point the only treatment was an eye enucleation.

Other common complaints can be ulcers, these have many causes but in cats its quite likely that the cornea has been scratched, these can vary in degree of severity but almost always will require a trip to the vet.

Personally I don't like my eyes being touched so imagine what its like for the animal to have theirs poke and prodded. Eyes can heal remarkably well but do require drops and ointment normally to help them on their way - that or in some cases surgery is required. Your Vet should show you how to place the drops in your pets eye safely, but if in doubt don't be afraid to ask its what we're here for. Being required to take a buster collar (or more aptly named cone of shame) home may also be needed.

The pictures I've attached show the fluorescein dye take up on the eye ulcer, a uv light is then used to really highlight the affected area.
A severe ulcer on this kittens eye caused by a playmate scratching it.

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