Sunday, 22 January 2017

Vet Students... Love them or hate them??

Vet Students, Love Or Hate?

So I decided to dedicate a entire blog post to the rare breed that is, Vet Students. Now personally I love them, whoa wait a minute, rephrase that - I love most of them! 

I bet you every nurse in the world can give one or more examples of a funny incident that they've witnessed where a vet student is at the heart of it. I am no exception. Be it the cocky vet student that thinks they know everything to the quiet reserved one that you can't help but worry for.

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I have developed a knack for normally knowing where they study, sorry Cambridge Vet Students but yes I can normally spot you a mile off. Generally these students wear corduroy trousers and have a certain air of superiority about them. Mind you I must admit more and more are learning that nurses really can save your ass so you better treat them nicely. We had one join the clinic quite recently,he had this air about him and he certainly did wear corduroys. He also had an attitude to match and unfortunately thought he was above everyone else. Alas that attitude really won't get you far, I think the lowest point for him was when he was allowed to operate and asked the watching surgeon if she could mop his brow.....I think her face said all he needed to know. We had another vet student at the practice at the time and she would pitch in with cleaning and making teas etc, however he did not and amongst us nurses it was rather noticeable. We couldn't all help but snigger under our breathes when the vet he'd asked to mop his brow the next day reprimanded him for drying his hands on an un-sterile towel after scrubbing up.

However that's just one bad apple out of many good. However you do also meet the next breed of vet student that are as quiet as a mouse. Observe and rarely pass comment. I worry for this type the most, I wonder whether after their 5/6 years of study they will come out of it thinking why the Hell did I become a vet, because lets face it you have to have a certain craziness about you to want to become a vet in the first place. 

Then there's my final breed of student and my personal favourite. The ones that get stuck in, respect nurses and generally make your day more pleasant. We have one at my current practice that we joke keeps coming back like a bad smell, but we genuinely love her. She's a real laugh and although doubts herself as a vet will I believe do really well. I mean if you can admit your mistakes and get through the day mainly with a smile on your face then you're going to do well! I won't tell you what uni she's going to...but it's not Cambridge :p.

A vet student buttering me up!
*NOTE I'm only taking the Micky out of Cambridge because in my times I've worked there and loved it. I loved the experience of teaching the students and following their rotations, and 99% of them are lovely and make great vets. Just to clarify*

I tried to find some decent vet student blogs to link in, but apparently there's not many out there, I did find this one however. It's from stories in the US, but UK Vet students should I'm sure see lots of similarities:


  1. Ha, I can't imagine that there are particularly many veterinary students with blogs in the first place, let alone just in Britain. I'm impressed you found one!

  2. Haha yes it wasn't easy, I've suggested to a few of my vet friends to start writing one, so watch this space