Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Online Veterinary Nurse CPD, for those tired of trawling

Now any locum nurse out there knows it's tough to be able to self-fund CPD, however, there are loads of full timer nurses that also have a really pathetic budget to spend. So I thought I'd trawl the Internet for all you lovely readers...there are readers, right? Anyway yes, trawl I shall and culminate all of the free online CPD that I can find just for you guys :)

http://www.dechra.co.uk/academy - Also recommended for longer CPD - some of these are worth 6/8 hours!

http://vetgrad.com/cpd/free_online_cpd  - Can personally recommend this website, I've used loads of their links and they all work fine and certificates are available to print 

That should give you some to go at. There are of course many paid one available but if you're tight like me then these aren't an option. Don't forget reps that come into your clinic and do lunch and learns are routinely classed as CPD learning so don't forget to ask them to send on a certificate. 

Although now living abroad my RCVS listing is very important to me, anyone who ever goes through the training and listing would be reluctant to lose it so online free CPD is imperative to me. Hopefully some of these links will help you all too :) if you find lots more that you don't have to pay for or register to use then let me know. 

Also check out https://www.vettimes.co.uk/ a great source of information, jobs and self-study options.



  1. I just found your blog and I already know I'm gonna start following it. There are just not a lot of Vet Nurses that blog! I myself am interested in a career as a VN and was wondering how you survive considering VNs don't get paid alot in the UK? I'm from Mexico and I plan to study in England.

    1. Thanks for your comment Diana, I won't say it's a great career for the money but it's rewarding for sure. Will you be doing the degree route? You can definitely survive but you have to budget:) all the best of luck with your studies