Monday, 10 July 2017

A few chuckles from this week

This week I did a handful of nurse clinics, one that really stuck out was two kittens in for a post op check and stitches removal after desex.

Nothing unusual there. The family of four all came along, with it being the weekend - joy. I removed the sutures, wounds had healed fine, then the questions started. So we have a budgie, and the kittens seem to be fixated by it. However it's raised up so they can't get to it but yeah they seem transfixed. Is there a way we can transition them to get on with the budgie over time?

I am internally laughing at this point, but trying really hard to keep that in and remain neutral faced. In all honesty I start (and then think who am I kidding) no there is no way to transition a kitten to get on with a bird. Its inbred in them to chase birds etc, its fun, its a game. I would suggest moving your budgie to another room. 'So you think they will learn to climb up the cage' - yes yes I really do, especially when they aren't little kittens anymore. Wow I think. For full disclosure this was the father asking this not the 6 year old child.

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Another great one liner from this week, when I was chatting to the receptionist and quite a big gaggle of people came through the main doors to look at the animals for rehoming. A gentleman catches our eye and says - do we have to say Hi? No says the receptionist, but Hi I say. The next thing he says, and I joke not

'Where are the giraffes?'

He was being serious......!

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