Saturday, 30 December 2017

Post Christmas & Pre New Year

It feels like it's been an age since I last wrote a blog post, in reality, it hasn't been but I've certainly squeezed in a bit more travelling in between :).

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, I certainly overindulged as per usual and am now feeling it and must start up that exercise regime again that's for sure!  

I also experienced locuming in a bit city for the first time prior to Xmas. By big I mean capital and wow the variety of clients was immense. So many pets needing passports for those jet-setting owners. Other than that I encountered much of the same, it doesn't matter where you work in the Veterinary profession the same hiccups and practice disagreements go on.

So let's begin the story with the affectionately named 'Mince Pie dog'. For it was the night before Xmas (well a few more to be precise) when this rather cute SBT x Lab thought it would be a great idea to eat six mince pies including the box. Luckily the owners were pretty savvy, probably due to the fact this wasn't the first time the dog had done this. The poor mutt came straight down and we administered the Apomorphine, and then waited. I also feel so sorry for them at this point. They were so happy with themselves, even enjoying a quick walk down to the surgery. Even after the injection, they're still wagging their tails..... then you notice a sadness in their eyes when they suddenly start to feel a wee bit queasy. There follows the lip-smacking, and then as nurses, we get to play catch the mince pie. This usually involves a stack of newspaper and continually replacing it as we go. Luckily it has only been a few hours post ingestion so we caught it in time...literally. We offered the owner a drip overnight but they declined and instead wanted to monitor at home. So we donned the aprons and topped off the dogs ever worsening day with some activated charcoal in the mouth.

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I find Christmas such a sad time of the year at work. I don't know why it coincides with this happy time, but its deffo a time for animals coming to the end of their days. The saddest one I encountered this year was the Sweetest Yorkshire Terrier, I shall call her Sophie for the purposes of this story. Sophie was a 17year old much-loved pet, who whilst was getting slow in her old age suddenly became very unwell. She came in the previous night with what we thought was just some Abdo pain. we administered the usual treatments and instructed the owner to come back the following day which she dutifully did. However, Sophie had taken a turn for the worse and despite our efforts of placing her on fluids and administering pain relief, it was to no avail. Her blood results were shocking and showed a very acute renal failure and also off the chart liver values. There was obviously a lot of inflammation in there, hence the pain. The owner with the support of her family took the difficult decision to put Sophie to sleep. These ones still get me, she had only thought she'd be bringing her in for a check-up, and suddenly 17 years of companionship is over...just before Xmas. Heartbreaking, and despite knowing she was doing the right thing, this doesn't bring any comfort. 

To end on a lighter note and explain better my first few sentences, practice life before Xmas is also a great time. Clients by the bucket fullbring in chocolates, biscuits and even full-blown hampers! And of course, we're so grateful and appreciate this effort. They get opened almost instantly and of course.... the kettle goes on! We all know a biscuit or chocolate must accompany a cup of tea :). Another experience locuming under my belt it's onto the next role. Happy New Year to you all here's to 2018!

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